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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Kenneth Larsen from Perth beat off stiff competition to win the ‘Best Banger in Show’ competition with his Nordic ‘Vilt’ sausage at the Scottish Game Fair on Saturday.

Judged by a prestigious panel of judges including Peter Gott, Christopher Trotter, Steve Cooksley, Louise Gray and Angie Brown, this inaugural competition for the 30th anniversary Fair was held in association with Scotland’s Natural Larder in the new standalone Cookery Theatre.

Kenneth’s Nordic-inspired venison banger stood out for its taste, creativity and presentation. Entry criteria stipulated that the sausage entry needed to contain venison, rabbit, pheasant, duck or pigeon, with judges looking for interesting and tasty combinations as well as well-executed classic recipes.

Anne Smith, Food Hall Co-ordinator, said: “There was such a terrific response to our new ‘Best Banger in Show’ competition – we will run this again for our 2019 Fair. We were delighted with the number and quality of entries, with creative recipes featuring a variety of pheasant, duck, pigeon and wild boar. Huge thanks to Scotland’s Natural Larder for their involvement and the support of all of our lovely judges on the day.”

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