Fantastic Roe Deer Stalking in SCOTLAND

We have 6.000 acres of first class ROE hunting grounds, only 45min from Edinburgh and 1 hour from Glasgow.

Our highly motivated and experienced Venator Stalking Team and partners will make every effort to give you a truly memorable hunting experience in picturesque Perthshire. Whether new to the sport or an experienced stalker, you’re in for an unforgettable hunting experience in breathtaking scenery.

We mainly hunt Roe Deer but we can also arrange hunting packages for Red Deer on estates in the Highlands. 

Get your hunting gear at Venator Pro

Fully function and versatile, the XPR Coat will keep you dry and warm in bad weather. 


A representative of the latest hunting technology, the Chairpack 30 combines the most avant-grade solutions for functionality and comfort. 


Extra warm, lightweight and silent, the Bolt Jacket is a great choice for winter hunting. Its completely waterproof and highly breathable


Venator seasoning

Making great food is all about taste. If you are lucky enough to harvest your own venison or game then you have one of the most healthy, organic and flavoursome meats around. Venison and game is wildly available to buy when in season. You can replace venison and game with pork, beef or lamb.

So, the meat is in the fridge and you are ready to get busy in the kitchen but unsure how to prepare something tasty and special. Well, we all need some inspiration and guidance to make that special dish that all your family and friends will talk about for a long time. That’s when Venator’s new seasoning mixes comes in to play. We have developed a range of burger and fresh sausage mixes, packed with flavours and ready for you to mix with your favourite meat. The only ingredients you need are minced meat, some fatty pork, water and seasoning mix - EASY AS 1-2-3

 With our rub mixes you can marinade or dry rub any meat/fish and flavour your stews and casseroles - DELICIOUS!

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